The Iron Boy

(12 minutes)

A lonely mother suffers the loss of her first child by secretly building another one from pieces of scrap metal she finds in a junkyard. When her lover discovers what she has been making, there are dangerous consequences. But the Iron Boy will play his part too...

Persistence of Vision

Its production values and camera work are a little dated (PD150 era of film making) but The Iron Boy’ is still one of our favourite films. This short (along with The Snuff Movie) taught us so much about the craft of film making. Sure we've gone on to bigger and better things, but again considering the budget, we think we did a pretty cool job with this one.

This film took us about three years to complete and we carried the idea for it in our heads for 10 years. Staying true to the vision was half the challenge. It’s an exploration into the craft - from emotional performances by the main actors, to confronting and violent scenes - not to mention the puppet & practical effects - we even wrote the score for this film!

Actually we love the score, the piece is almost a musical. We were trying to create a sparse & harrowing, emotional landscape with Iron Boy & looking back at it, I think we came pretty close. We hope you enjoy it... but brace yourself, it's a dark little fable...