Into The Heart

Short Film
Darwin in the future. A border patrol squad answers a distress call from a remote outpost and heads up river...

made by swingtime
written & directed by Nicholas Hansen & Phillip MacDonald
Liam Nesbitt as The Trooper
sound design by Dave Robertson & Andrew Stevenson
score by Phillip MacDonald

Short Sited Film Festival, Wollongong 2008
Fistful of Films, Darwin, 2007

Best Sci Fi (Short Sited Film Fest), Best Score (Fistful of Films)

No Borders

For the making of this film, Phillip was working out of Darwin. Nick was in Sydney. They had two weeks spare time to animate a short film. Phillip draws the hero characters and scans them, sending them to Nick from Darwin. Nick composites & animates in after effects in New South Wales. Nick starts the job of animating whilst visiting his parents in New Zealand, then returns to Sydney and finishes the project at rapid - yet sleepless pace! For a story about your 'friendly border patrol', this was a film truly without borders.

We loved the style and approach we took to this film of black and white characters against sets made from found objects. It's a good look. We’re keen to explore the world again at some stage...