Glenn Twenty Iso Therapy

From the mind and voice of Mr Glenn Twenty
Audio visuals compiled by Nite Flix Entertainment & Models, Fyshwick, ACT.
With special thanks to Duncan Fellows & Nicholas Hansen

Uncle Glenn Twenty creaked onto the scene in 2015 at Redferns’s iconic venue “The Bearded Tit” to DJ and host an evening in their incredible and diverse arts program. Glenn is the grandfather you never knew,  placed in the delightfully inclusive and progressive world that the venue had created. Uncle Glenn didn't understand it all, but he was open minded, with old records to play and an old fashioned take on the razzle-dazzle game.

We had a bit of fun.

Fast forward to the Covid 19 lockdown - when we all went inside - it seemed like a good idea to bring Uncle Glenn back, this time reaching out on social media with short relaxation based audiovisual packages (a selection of which, you can find here)

The Uncle Glenn Twenty Iso-Therapy Tapes ran for 12 weeks of isolation, promoting inner thought and relaxation via Glenn’s dulcet tones and memories, delivered with nostalgic Australian imagery, hygiene reminders and pan pipes.

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