Arthur Pigeon: Ghost Hunter

There's one night in particular each year when apparitions and spectre sightings seem to spike. Arthur Pigeon, investigative journalist attempts to capture these spirits in the act.

Tim Mathews (Arthur Pigeon)
Toby Markham (Paranormal Expert)
Chris Deal (Dave Wallace)

Student Extras:
Dobroyd Pt Public School Students

Made by Swingtime
Written by Nicholas Hansen

Director: Nick Hansen
Producer: Kate Hansen
DOP: Andrew McClymont
Line Producer: Kerry Adolfson
Location Sound: Jason Wagner
Hair/Makeup: Marnie Gerber
Art Dept: Nikki Valentine:
Camera Assistant: Ben Gageler
Runner: Jeremy Heddle
Editor: Nick Hansen
Colourist: Kate Hansen
Sound Design: Rod Enright

Disney 'Hanging With' Team
Production Co-Ordinator: Juliette Beck
Senior Production Manager: Von Glass
Executive Producer: Vanessa Collier