About Us

We understand that first and foremost, you need a creative partner who listens and responds quickly with fresh ideas and premium video content, adapting to your needs as they shift. 

Swingtime Creative has always focused on making things look, sound and feel good, and we’ve been recognised for it with a lot of nice awards. But more important than running after little statues is taking the time to truly understand your brand and its needs before we consider the creative. It’s about getting to the heart of your brief, getting into the mind of your customer and delivering solutions that fix problems.

Sydney-based and pushing boundaries since forever, we’ve honed our craft making content for some of the world’s biggest brands, producing video and motion graphics for Disney, Medibank, McCafe/realestate.com, SBS and more.

As you look to grab your share of viewer attention, it’s crucial that your marketing content has a strong design aesthetic and a unique voice. From comedy to corporate, whether you aim to inform, entertain or both, we’ll take your brief to the next level with stunning design, unique characters, compelling narratives and flawless execution.

We put our heart into any project, no matter how big or small. And we love what we do, which we believe comes out in our work. Please see our reel for evidence.


Our Core Team


Nick Hansen

Behind the affable smile and encyclopedic recounting of film references, Nick is a stickler for making every frame count and for polishing the work until it shines. He’s a persuasive, empathetic director/writer/editor/storyteller fired by a passion for film and video.

From his earliest years making short films and working in youth music television, Nick has created award-winning scripted comedy, drama and factual content. As lead creative at SBS he helped launch and define the tone of voice for SBS2; at a variety of Foxtel channels and production houses he ramped up his skillset and learned about commercial realities at the coal face.

His capabilities now range from concepting, storyboarding and the minutiae of editing, to directing visual effects. Nick’s broad experience as a director means he can handle any kind of shoot, from the detail to the artistic vision, cultivating a positive and safe work environment for cast and crew and delivering solid performances from his talent. Importantly, Nick brings warmth, depth, heart - and where required, humour - to the narrative of any project so it connects with an audience.


Kate Hansen

In 20+ years as a designer and art director, Kate has delivered ground-breaking campaigns, managed large teams of creatives and served her time in the design trenches from print, to web and multimedia. In senior roles at MTV and its parent Viacom, she’s helped develop strategy for large-scale, integrated marketing campaigns to support some of the world’s biggest brands, from Pepsi to Nike.

In her role as creative co-director, she ably manages our client relationships, using her rather excellent interpersonal skills. All these talents combined make her the perfect design lead for a small, responsive business like Swingtime Creative.

Not only is Kate a design and animation guru, she knows video production back to front, from ideas generation and pre-production through to post-production and delivery. She’s a triple (or is that quadruple?) threat. Kate brings a strong, considered visual aesthetic to all of her work, and no matter what we throw at her, she stays levelheaded. She’s the bedrock of our establishment and we couldn’t do it without her. No seriously, we couldn’t.