About The Film Lab

The Film Lab is a farcical comedy that uses the pretence of an investigative science show to parody the biggest movies, greatest film genres and most common clichés from popular film culture. In each episode our heroes DAVE, SUSAN, DUNCAN & KEVIN – a crack team of scientists – strive to unravel the answers to filmic formula using their own questionable brand of unethical experimentation. Is time travel possible? Can a montage make you better? You won’t find the actual scientific answers in this show, but you can guarantee humour and often violence will ensue. 

In 2013, we ran a successful Indiegogo campaign managing to raise $10k from our friends and family to pursue our dream of making our very own comedy series. It wasn't a massive amount of cash, but we were careful with it/pulled a lot of favours so that we were able to film three pilot episodes in the first half of 2014, completing an intensive post-production in early 2015. The show is a mixture of live action with animation, and is a flagship project that really showcases Swingtime's sense of humour, storytelling and commitment to creating work at the highest level we can achieve within the means that we have. 

The series has gone on to screen at multiple international web festivals and win several awards including Best New Comedy Premise and Best Comedy Director at the world's biggest Web Festival LA Webfest.